Monday, July 8, 2013

Peticulat on an arrival

  An arrival from what I don't even really know yet. Maybe what I was looking for and what I left are just different forms of the same thing, and life will be the same but different next time. The lumpy and tough bed I am laying on at this moment is very uncomfortable. My neck feels as though it will never be the same and this is all because of the stress caused by the weight of my body pressing my neck against the edge of the bed. Cool jets of air absorb the heat of the outside and create an atmosphere comfort and security. "Get the fuck out of the room you dipshit!" I thought to myself, but I never moved. I just sat and hid from the heat of the world, outside of my place of residence you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, bake muffins in a car, among other damage that can be caused upon someone by heat.

 Feel the breeze johnny, look about, feel the breeze in your fingers touche the taste of the wind let it lap at your fingers and twist about through your hair. Sit down Johnny, sit down and really think about it, think about what its saying to you Johnny. Can you hear it speaking? Its speaking from all directions. its very faint Johnny, it is speaking your name can you feel it Johnny?

The Glass Castle

The widowers begun to laugh,
Living their lives as glass,
But if anything is glass,
It is the glass of a mask,
truthful was not the word to describe such a man of decadence and lies,
That one may be called a spy just for stating the truth, 

Glass is strong,
Glass kills spies,
Glass gets foggy when you catch him in a lie

Baby Baby Baby, 
you know I got the sinner,
its in me all the times,
I feel as though Im done and out,
But I think of you all the time,
By do I do what You want me to,
Why do I think that you want me for love?!

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