Monday, July 8, 2013

In every day I fUck myself

Runnin amokk, woah what a day to begin to write as I am doing now. I bought some of that dank dank butter cup yah noe what I mean bby doll? And Im just chillin here and not wanting to go outside but I reallly should go outside. So I am thinking I will go outside later. But I have been going on a bing lately, like bretty pad binge bro. But not really that bad. I have been wanting to buy drugs but I cannot get any drugs. I am however content with smoking cannabis and reading. There is an issue now though, I have been wasting by weed by smoking it and not doing anything. But Im broke so that is there too.

Fuck IM begging you please please send me money. Please Im so hungy. I have not eaten anything in the past 2 days. I want some food.

But anyway wth was I even talking about bby cakes? idk. Well blogging is pretty cool I guess.

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