Music I Have Made

This is a page for all of the music I have made so far. I do not really try my hardest because I do not have the attention span.

My sound cloud is

Enjoy!!! And do not forget to share!!!!

Above is one of the first songs I have ever made. Made this song at Alejandros house. The song was made in logic pro 9.0. This song is housey but to me its a lil popish. Unmastered.

This song is the second song I ever tried making in ableton. I really like this song. It has an old school techno vibe. But to me it kinda has a weird vibe. Pretty hyphy shit. Produced in ableton. Unmastered.

Next is the first ever song I actually made into a WMV file. The song was made with Ableton live suite. It is my take on dubstep. Unmastered.

Pixie D is a song I made for a talent show that my communications class had to do. I still feel bad for not eating this girls cookies. This song was made with drum samples because I was a lil lazy and I made the song in a short period of time. I first made the synths and recorded them and finally put the recording in abletons sampler to make this sound. It is one of my favorites. Song made in ableton. Unmastered.

This is the first song i made entirely with a controller. This is actually the only song I even used a controller on. I was really sick and I drank a little too much codeine cough syrup. This is what happens when I am too fucked up producing. I can still flow on it though. Produced in ableton. Unmastered. Unfinished.

This is one of first hip-hopish beat I have made in abletons songwriter view. It is definitely not finished. I used 4 bit reduction on an 808 kick for that crazy sound. the static effect is just a high hat with vindal distortion. Track is unmastered. I made this without any headphones or monitors. Just my laptop.

This song was made before cheiftown. I made this in session view using the mouse to use the cross fader and change synth sounds. Most of my songs are in session view, kinda why I only have a limited amount of songs. Unmastered. needs remixing. Unfinished.

Made in session view in ableton suite. I was really high. I made iso-hash with the alcohol I cleaned my grinder with. shit was pretty bomb. I was just fucking around in session view for a while. This templet is just too much though. IDK if I can ever make a real song with it. It was more of an experiment.Unmastered.

This is the original template for hidden zebra. I kinda like this mix. It is definitely not good enough though. I just wanted to make something chunky. It reminds me of robot farts. Unmastered. Session view in ableton.

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