Monday, May 27, 2013


The wind and birds move me,
Gracefully they sing their song,
The wavelength of touch, the movement I see,
Cool air chills but I am content,
Swim in my thoughts,
Take a seat, pitch your tent,
Fill me up,
Read my book,
Watch me breath,
Our frequency,
Soft light kisses the flesh,
The brittle leaves break their stems,
Green is so significant,
Why is it not to man,
Eternal perplexity,
Impartial memories,
Are we I or are we one,
Subconscious breaks in the imortal one,
Pale as night,
Soft as steel,
See my sight,
Hear the squeal,
Gasp for breath,
Breath for life,
Eternal darkness,
Eternal light.

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