Sunday, February 6, 2011

Work and Recreation

Work and Recreation

Types of personalities
·      Realistic
·      Investigative
·      Artistic
·      Social
·      Enterprising
·      Conventional

Factors in vocational decision making
·      Motivation and achievement
·      Attitudes about occupation
·      Abilities
·      Interests
·      Values
·      Self-concept

Steps to take
·      Begin by focusing on yourself
·      Generate alternative solutions
·      Gather and asses information
·      Weigh and prioritize your alternatives
·      Make the decision and formulate a plan
·      Carry out the decision
·      Get the feedback

Jobs Advice
·      If you experience discontent in your work, focus on those factors within your job that you can change
·      Identify ways you can create meanings in your work
·      If you must remain at an unsatisfying job, find something outside your job that fulfills your need for recognition, significance, productivity, and excitement
·      Asses whether your attitudes about work help or hinder you in achieving career success

Changing careers in midlife
·      Being aware of career options is a great asset at midlife
·      Attitudes and fears about changing careers that are legt unquestioned and unexamined make change much harder
·      Both men and women may experience the desire to change career paths in midlife
·      People who feel stuck in their jobs should ask themselves whether their personal dissatisfaction outweighs the financial rewards

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  1. This is good advice im not going to lie. Good notes.

  2. dude it would be so awesome if it was that simple heh

  3. "Being focused on yourself". Won't happen got a kid to worry about D:

  4. You sort of motivated me this morning.