Monday, February 7, 2011


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·      Solitude is typically something we choose for ourselves
·      In solitude, we make time to be with ourselves and to discover who we are
·      Solitude provides an opportunity for renewal
·      Through solitude we are able to examine our lives and gain a sense of perspective
·      Often results from certain events in life such as:
o   Death of someone we love
o   The decision to leave a secure job for an unknown one
o   Moving to a new city
o   A long stay in a hospital
·      An experience of feelings set apart from others
·      Can indicate that we have failed to listen to our inner voice
Types of loneliness
·      Transient loneliness
o   Brief feelings of loneliness when there is a disruption in one’s social network
·      Chronic loneliness
o   When people are unable to establish meaningful interpersonal relationships over a long period of time
Types of loneliness
·      Everyday loneliness
o   The pain of being isolated from other people, which may be related to fears of intimacy, rejection, or shame
·      Existential loneliness
o   A profound sense of an unbridgeable gap that separates us from others, which is related to our awareness that each of us inhabits a world of fully known only to ourselves

Ways people attempt to escape from facing loneliness
·      Living an overscheduled life
·      Striving for perfect control of the environment
·      Surrounding ourselves with people
·      Becoming a slave to routine
·      Numbing ourselves with alcohol or drugs
·      Eating for emotional reasons
·      Spending many hours on the computer, watching T.V., playing videogames

Some consequences of shyness
·      Can make it difficult to communicate effectively and express oneself
·      Often holds people back from meeting new people
·      May result in feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness
·      Can hold people back in progression in education or their careers
·      Leads some individual to develop a dependency on alcohol as a way t feel more relaxed and sociable
Loneliness and the life stages
·      Childhood
o   Loneliness is an inevitable part of life beginning in childhood
o   Reliving childhood experiences of loneliness can help adults come to grips with their present fears about being alone or lonely
·      Adolescence
o   Bodily changes one’s search for identity, and the need to be accepted and liked may compound an adolescent’s feelings of loneliness
o   The price of nonconformity may be steep; Adolescents may feel all alone in the world
·      Young adult
o   How young adults come to terms with their own aloneness effects the choices they make—Choices that, in turn, may determine the course of their lives
o   Life circumstances and cultural factors also pave the way to a lonely existence
·      Middle age
o   Changes at midlife such as children leaving the nest can lead to feelings of emptiness and loss
o   Feelings dissatisfied with one’s career or life choices can exacerbate loneliness
·      The later years
o   In a society that prizes productivity, youth, beauty, power, and vitality, older adults may feel they are not needed or valued anymore
o   Loneliness of the later years can be accentuated by the losses that come with age:
§  Loss of bodily functions
§  Loss of career or jobs
§  Loss of certain hobbies
§  Loss of friends and loved ones

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  1. Jesus, the effects of lonliness...

  2. Good share, that's actually some pretty useful information. There's a definite distinction between seeking solitude and being lonely

  3. Ocasionally I enjoy the feeling of loneliness - but I've never experienced it in the extreme.

  4. Wow, quite educational. Makes me want to stop spending so much time on the computer.

  5. that's an awful lot of loneliness

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  7. Like Jordan said, this is really depressing. I didn't want to read this this late at night =(

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  8. I still feel lonely sometimes even when I have a steady relationship. D:

  9. Dam I love this post man! I enjoy my solitude and i wish many people would just take sometime to examine their own lives.

  10. Had no idea there were so many types of loneliness. Well I've always been a lone wolf but it does hurt at times that I don't know how to communicate like other people.

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  14. I think solitude is healthy sometimes.