Friday, May 11, 2018

New Song!!

Hey Everybody,
  Last week my buddy Nathan and myself made a demo track to see where we were looking to go with our project (Still Unnamed). It turned out pretty damn cool, at just over 4 minutes long, we came up with a pretty interesting sound. I would say the track is Alternative rock,  but with influences from Post-punk, Punk, rock, indie rock, Darkwave, among other genres. I wanted to add some synth to this track, but I feel like it is pretty much finished without any synth. Anyway, please take a listen, if you enjoy the track comment, share, and/or like. I am pretty excited that people are starting to like the music that I am putting out. It makes me a little nervous getting recognition, but I really enjoy people listening to  my stuff.

Listen to the song is below or CLICK HERE

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