Friday, July 19, 2013

Freemont Street Expirience

The Freemont Street Experience is always wonderful. The complete street is lined with a shader housing screens. The screens project a wonderful light show that is free to the public and is a place to always hear wonderful tunes. Men playing the bass with their teeth, smooth jazz saxophonists blaring wild music over an amplifier, Men playing tom drums with drumsticks, oh and they even have a stage with live music. Dang Las Vegas is sick. I always like to stop by at the Griffin, they have a really chill atmosphere and great music. I always end up getting kicked out though, I don't know why. Maybe because I get really drunk before I go inside, or maybe it is because I have never bought a drink from their bars, or maybe its because I dance a little crazy........... I don't know, but I am going to grow a beard before I ever go in there again. I like insert coins, its pretty chill, you can rent a game controller and play street fighter or nazi zombies right at the bar, they also have great music and a very spacious dance floor. Beauty bar is pretty nice as well, cute bartender, chill music, crazy people, and pajamas. I like how BB has live music acts as well, I want to go to a show there stat. The bar right across the street from BB is cool too but I guess not enough for me to remember its name. Its always crowded because it stays open up late. 

Note: Watch out for homeless people. They are everywhere trying to get your money. Use your best judgement. You can usually score drugs here pretty easily, be carful though, they are usually pretty sketchy. 

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