Monday, January 14, 2013

Kick Me in the Nuts for 20 Bucks

   In the City of Las Vegas the art hustling has achieved a new all time high. The competition on the strip is fierce, with Dora the Explorer having a vicious turf battle with transformers bumblebee, as well as Micheal Jackson being upstaged by a 3 year old in a spider man costume during his own performance, If you want to make it big on the strip you need a big idea. When I say big idea I mean BIG. Recently while on the strip I stumbled upon a group of men who will make it big one day but not before a couple of trips to the emergency room as well as some much needed surgery.

   For a small fee of 20 American dollars you can have the chance to live your most desired fantasy, only if your greatest fantasy is to kick a man in the nuts as hard as you can. The fascinating work that these young men are doing is very inspirational as well as mysterious. How miserable does a man get before he turns to selling his body to the public? Are these men worse or better than prostitutes? Can getting your testicles removed be a lucrative business decision? All these questions will be answered next time on RP.

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