Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lil B 'The Based God': Gods Father

  Looks like the Based God has done it again. Lil B has finally dropped his most recent mixtape Gods Father, and surprising to you it is great. I really enjoy this mix-tape. The lyrics are great, the beats are great, and the variety is amazing. From the smooth sounds of 'Sf Mission Music', to the emotional tone of 'I Love You', this mix-tape is a must have. Lil B is rare. He has changed the face of rap music for good. The personality of Lil B is very humane. His tweets and status updates are full of simple thoughts, thoughts that are simply overlooked or ignored but need addressing.
  Brandon McCartney, also know as Lil B 'The Based God', has a very successful marketing strategy. He is making his alias Lil B 'The Based God' into a mythic like figure. I think it is amazing. Lil B is everywhere and anywhere. He fucked your bitch, he fucked my bitch. Thank you Based God.

Download Lil B 'The Based God's Gods Father Mixtape

Oh and here is a rare collectable.

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