Monday, March 12, 2012

The American Genocide

  When martial law is declared it is the intellectuals, artists, and free thinkers that will be massacred. We must learn to not rely on the system. We must leave our respected cities and live in trustworthy communities. We need to stop relying on technology. Our only source of knowledge seems to be in a digital form it is extremely easy to cut off any information that may help us resist the up coming genocide. Horde physical books, guides, maps, guns, food, water, tools, metal, first aid supplies, acoustic instruments, generators, human powered vehicles, axes, shovels, pots, pans, fertilizer, medicine, blankets, fabric, etc. We will be re-educated whether we like it or not. Torture will be used regularly. Torture will be a daily routine for all of us. When they murder us they will just say that we committed suicide. Its as easy as that.

The funny thing is all of this will be considered legal. Remember the American Indefinite Detention Act? Remember the Patriot Act? What constitution? We have no rights. We are legal slaves.

Do not fall victim to the government hypocrisy.

Read up on the cambodian genocide, this is what we will be subjected to.

Here are some pictures of the people of cambodia that were executed:

You should also read up on the mass killings in the Stalin era Soviet Union.

Also read up on the human rights in modern day China, and the treatment of the Falun Gong practitioners.

  Resist. Do not let these scum achieve their vision of the future. Do not let them win.

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