Saturday, March 10, 2012

Krk Rokit 5 Review

So I purchased the KRK Rokits and so far they sound great. I bought a KRK Vxt speaker before I got the rokits and they had a better spectrum of sound. you could literally hear every bit of the song. These rokits are very similar but not as crisp and clear. I wish that they came with the chord to plug them in like the VXT did. I also would like to see a build in limiter like the Vxt. The speakers are not very loud but perfect for music production. I like the bass as well as the mids and highs. I have no complaints with these speakers. I use these speakers for ableton as well as logic pro. For the first time ever I can hear my songs and my mixes for what they really are. These speakers really make me happy. I can finally feel the bass instead of just hearing it. My house mixes finally have that kick they were meant to have and my dubstep song sounds shitty. I realized that there was not enough bass and that I need to mess with the EQ. I have my rokits connected with an av chord. I bet they will sound better once I get the proper chord an audio interface.

You can find more info on the Rokit here:

Great deal on amazon

I would go with the set though

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