Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blogger App Review/ HTC Wildfire S Review

So I just got this app called blogaway and it is pretty chill. I can now make posts anywere. The app is very easy to use so far but I will keep you posted. I also downloaded the blogit app as well as the blogaroid app. I will check them all out and let everyone know how they are and if they are worth downloading. This phone I just got is pretty chill. I just hate how I always hit the home is back button. I'm posting from an HTC wildfire s BTW. My service is virgin mobile and I have not had any real problems so far. I do have my data drop every once in a while though. I can def say that it is better than paying ninty rollers for Verizon or tmobile or even sprint. Now I'd I can only root this thing. If anyone can root a wildfire s let me know. But my review on this app is that it is killer so far.

Ok so I tried to post and I had no option to. I wrote this while post in blogaway. I am now posting it with blog it.

So blogaway is Shit steer clear of it.

Blogit FTW

Buy the HTC on Amazon. It is 40$ less than it is at Best Buy. I am going to return mine and get it on Amazon for sure.


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