Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adderall Review

  I was diagnosed with ADD by a psychologist while in high school. My physician asked me a couple of questions and prescribed me with Adderall XR 20mg. I weighed around 155-160. I took the pills and I did a lot better in school, but something was not right. The pills I was prescribed depleted me of my personality and made me feel like a living zombie. Soon after being prescribed Adderall I  stopped taking it. I hated being a zombie. So many things that I loved about life lost their luster. Being a zombie was not in my agenda so I dumped Adderall like a ton of bees.
  After high school I enrolled in my local college and I realized that I may have needed those pills more than I thought I did. I could not sit still in my classes unless I was deprived of sleep or stoned. My math class was the worst though. I was obnoxious and fidgety. I recall one class I was full of so much energy that I had to leave the class and skateboard around the campus as an attempt to calm myself. It did not work.
  The next semester I tried to prepare myself. I went to the doctor and asked for my prescription again. I was given the same Adderall XR 20mg as last time. I realized that the pills worked extremely well at first, they improved my social anxiety. During the semester I earned all A's which was the same as I earned my first semester. I studied more than I ever have in my life. I started reading. I met a lot of cool people. It felt as if the pills were helping me improve myself.
  After taking the pills for over a month I started to relise the cost of my improvement. The pills caused my appetite to vanish completely. I was so busy with what I was doing I would forget to eat. I had to try and schedule meals because I was never hungry. The pills also made eating unenjoyable. Eating food felt more like work than an enjoyable activity.
 Adderall also made sleeping extremely difficult. I would spend nights laying in bed waiting for hours to fall asleep. After I fell asleep I would wake up more than 3 hours earlier than I normally would. Adderall is a drug that you cannot take everyday. You have to have days were you can catch up on sleep and fatten up a bit.
  Adderall would make you extremely thirsty all the time. My mouth felt dry as a cotton swab and water would never fix it. I would drink 50,000ml of water while in school for 6 hours. I would urinate constantly. It got to the point were urinating begin to hurt. I did some research and it is shown that Adderall can cause urinary tract infections.

  To conclude this article, Adderall can be great for improving yourself but it comes at a price, and that price is your health. Adderall will take away all of your favorite things in life sex, food, sleep, sanity and enjoyment. Take this drug only if you truly need it and if you are thinking of taking Adderall for recreation think again, its not worth it.

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