Friday, March 4, 2011

Danger. Pain

  Danger, the exposure or vulnerability to harm or risk. It seems like every situation I am in I feel as though I am danger. It only takes one small decision to drastically change ones life.

  Pain, an unpleasant sensation occurring in varying degrees of severity as a consequence of injury, disease, or emotional disorder. Physical pain is only temporary. If pain is severe enough you will not forget how it was caused. 

  When I am in certain situations my body goes into the fight or flight response. In my stomach thousands of butterflies flutter, my heart rests in my throat, every movement is awkward and my thoughts machine gun away.  These feelings should come across in events of danger. These feelings should come across right before an instance of great pain. The thing is, I go through the flight or flight response multiple times a day.
Having this happen to me multiple times a day for over 5 years is ruining my composure. Day to day life is becoming a fight I am beginning to lose. What is with me? 

Thinking sometimes ruins your day. Being aware just ruins your perception of things.

I wish I was ignorant sometimes.

Oh and day 3 without scraping my pipes bowl. Week 1 with ought smoking any bud. Sometimes I think there is just no point.

that is all


  1. It is fear that causes the fight or flight response.

  2. Don't think to much, just go out and enjoy life, everythings gonna be fine!

  3. there is always a point.. if there isn't one, make one. we can never self pity. I did that because my life fucking sucked. but i managed to control my anger and gain stength so i could change my life. and i did.

  4. i actually wish i was a little more ignorant sometimes too

  5. "When I am in certain situations my body goes into the fight or flight response. In my stomach thousands of butterflies flutter, my heart rests in my throat, every movement is awkward and my thoughts machine gun away"

    Everyone has that feeling. An interesting article I once read talked about how you can make that feeling work for you by asking yourself what needs to be done in this moment and then doing it, rather doing the default thing of just wallowing and feeling overwhelmed.

  6. Anxiety is a bitch. Funny thing, sometimes pot helps.