Saturday, March 5, 2011


Alcohol...... my anti drug. I havent smoked in what seems like forever. I would love to buy a dub today but I am trying to stay strong. Fucking alcohol is accepted in this society, so I am going to change habits.  :)

Smiley faces... Bitches love smily faces.

Well last week I tried a 4 loko for the first time, shit was kinda nasty but I got a good buzz going from one can. If I was twenty-one I would just buy some micro brew. I dont really enjoy being to drunk, but I love feeling a good buzz. Most of all I love to get some chronic and smoke a bowl to my self. I would love to waste a full day getting high by myself and listening to music or watching a movie. I would love to get blazed, make some stupid samples into some nice instruments and make some ridiculously short loops.

Motivation. Lay it on me.

That is all


  1. alcohol poisoned me so much I stay away. I just smoke. now I dont do as much stupid shit

  2. great stuff, you totally have my support.

  3. I find that alcohol always causes me to WANT to smoke...

    Different people I guess.

  4. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight, god knows we aren't. :D

  5. alcohol is worse then smoking some blunts if you do it "hardcore"

  6. Motivation.. Lay it on you?

    Get some buff and get chilled dude..
    I don't drink either.. Alcohol isn't nice at all IMHO.. Well, like you said, the buzz is what i'm out for, if i drink.. But i havent in ages..
    Once in a while(More often than i would like to admit) i get myself some dope.. Why not? Alcohol kills people, Pot doesnt..

    Meh, i wouldnt smoke so much if i wouldnt live 20 mins. from the dutch border. hehe


  7. why dont you wanna smoke? interview or something?

  8. Tell me about it... I just got drunk this wekend haha. Check out my new blog!

  9. I'm with you man. Alcohol is nasty. Pot is what its all about :D

  10. OMG, I say stick to the chronic. Alcohol is way worse than weed. =( Sucks that it's still illegal, but srsly, not the alcohol. =(
    Well, I mean it's all right every once in a while, but not for a vice.
    Is 4 loko that caffeinated stuff? That's supposed to be really bad for you.
    *concerned about your well-being* =/

  11. Yeah, a buzz is great. I don't like being drunk, though. I know some people that do. I hate it. Dx

  12. What flavor did you try?

  13. I didn't use to drink alcohol but now I do it on weekends