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An Analysis of My Dreams

An Analysis of My Dreams
Through the analysis of the three most significant dreams written in my personal dream log, my subconscious desires and anxieties can be interpreted.  Research and personal interpretation have revealed that my waking life has become out of control, and the fear of loss and the desire to make a good impression can contribute to this feeling. For the past three months, I have been riding my newly acquired longboard daily without any days of rest. Since acquiring my new form of transportation, excitement is an emotion that I associate with a successful day. Living by this belief, I expect each new day to carry an increased feeling of exhaustion both mentally and physically. The physical and psychological stress put upon my body in the waking world can be revealed through the pertaining themes of my dreams.
Dream # 1
The first dream recorded in my journal has two separate parts that seem very different, but carry the same themes. In the beginning of the dream, I am on a mountain bike riding at extremely dangerous speeds down a steep hill. I associated the surrounding buildings and scenery with San Francisco, as there was a red bridge in the background. As I fly down the hill waiting for the deadly crash that awaited me I observe an audience and camera men watching me with great awe. The host of the event stands and recites the challenge of the new and exciting reality show that I am unwillingly apart of. As I am flying down the long terrifying hill I see multiple other contestants ahead of me losing control and tumbling down the steep decline. Upon reaching the end of the hill at a very unreasonable speed, I am flung of the bike and tumble down the rest of the hill, as the crowd cheers with excitement. After I come to a rest I immediately stand up and to my surprise I have received no injury. After assessing the damage, I am approached by a man from audience who asks me if I would like to work for the city’s most successful restaurant. Without hesitation I agree, and follow the man a few yards away to a shack like building. Upon entering the simplistic building I am surprised by a large group of people surrounding a table of odd looking foods. The group all wore a simple black uniform which I was now wearing. I proceed to walk to the first person to introduce myself and after receiving a complex name, I pick up an extra-large tortilla and a cake decorator filled with a guacamole like paste. I begin writing each name on the tortilla in hopes of remembering them all, and after finishing we all sit and start eating the large array of unrecognizable food before us. Without thinking I slather the tortilla with beans accidentally ruining my edible name sheet, I take a bite and wake up in a state of regret.
Analysis of Dream #1
The first part of the dream can show a person falling down a hill with no sense of control, the crowd awaiting their humiliation. Dreams of falling occur when one feels completely overwhelmed or out of control ("I'm Falling".(n.d)). This can be explained by my inexperience with writing college papers and the overwhelming, almost terrifying thoughts of failure. The fact that I was recently fired can also contribute to the feeling of not being in control. In the dream, not gaining control in time brings about a horrible accident, as my peers watch in amusement. This can symbolize an assumption of unworthiness and a feeling of being singled out by society. It can express the pressure to live a successful life, and if one does not succeed one fails and becomes a laughing stock.  Falling dreams also often reflect a sense of failure or inferiority in some circumstance or situations.”(I'm Falling, n.d).To see an unruly crowd in your dream signifies that the worries and problems around you are pressing in on you. You are expressing great distress.”( Crowd, n.d). The fact that I fell and was embarrassed shows my lack of self-confidence. “To dream that you are embarrassed signifies hidden weaknesses, fears and lack of self-confidence.”(Embarrassment, n.d).
The second part of the dream I receive a great job, and I am so preoccupied with making a good impression that I forget what I tried to remember. “To dream that you are at work, indicates that you are experiencing some anxiety about a current project or task. The dream may also be telling you that you need to "get back to work".  Perhaps you have been slacking off and need to pick up the pace. Stop procrastinating. Alternatively, the dream reflects your success.” (Work, n.d). Since being fired my main goal has been to find a new job, but I have still not turned in a single application. I have been filled with a sense of failure, which has been keeping me from going out and taking the initiative.  I think of myself as an insignificant person who can be replaced easily, I don’t feel worthy of even the most simple positions.  This can be shown by my failed effort of meeting my expectations of a good impression. This can express my insecurities, and my tact for forgetting names. Eating the tortilla can symbolize a personal choice ruining a chance for renewal. This can come from recently being fired due to failing a drug test for marijuana. This also shows how out of control my life feels, how I feel shunned by society just because I enjoy sensimilla, or because I try to live life to my own standards.
Dream #2
I dream I am at a Nirvana concert, but instead of the band the crowd watches a projection of the band on a white movie screen. I am perched directly in the center of the mosh pit and I am being tossed around like a ragdoll. I am the smallest skinniest individual in a small room packed with fat but strong looking men. As I try to escape the sea of bodies I am thrown to the floor by the biggest guy in the pit. I lay helpless being stepped on and kicked about until finally I am picked up by the man who put me there in the first place. As I escape the pit and regain my composure, I see my sister with her boyfriend by bleachers, filled with spectators. I tell them that I am leaving and pick up my Longboard which lay next to them. I exit the building and begin skating around the parking lot which resembled a park by my old elementary school. I then wake up wishing it was a real Nirvana concert.
Analysis of Dream #2
I dreamt of a concert for a band associated with my past, except the band was not real, and I am tossed around like a ragdoll feeling helpless, my survival in the hands of another. Being in a helpless situation can show “Some aspect of your life where you feel vulnerable or like you could use some help” (helpless or vulnerable, n.d). Being the smallest and youngest person in the crowd can show a feeling of weakness. “To dream that you are weak, refers to your feelings of inadequacy” (Weak, n.d). This can express my feeling of being vulnerable to violence, how I have a feeling of being inadequate at defending myself. Being picked up by someone I do not recognize signifies not having a choice of salvation. It may express the apprehension to ask for help, waiting for it rather than asking. It can convey the idea of not being in control of one’s life, taking the abuse from the older generation. My sister could be a form of protection, there to make me feel at ease (Sister, n.d). Exiting the concert can express a feeling of wanting to end a situation in the waking life (exit, n.d). My longboard can be a familiar item that further calms me down. It can signify my free, fun-loving side (skateboard, n.d) that only comes out when I am not facing my problems.
Dream #3
I dreamt I was walking around the neighborhood and I stumble upon a newly opened skateboard shop. I enter the store and see a familiar board; I immediately buy it with no hesitation. I exit the store and begin skating toward Albertsons. Upon arriving I try a 180 power slide and to my surprise I do it for the first time ever. It felt extremely simple as I did it about four more time until finally I do a 360. After sticking it I try again and my board breaks. I felt regretful and immediately I go back to the skate shop and buy another one. After exiting the skate shop for the second time, I head to my marijuana dealers house. Upon entering I start smoking cannabis and talking about my ne board. I ask him if he wanted to ride it and he refused. Telling me, ”No way, I’ll bust my ass.” After his refusal I leave for Albertsons. While skating on the sidewalk I see a man and woman standing by the bus stop. Immediately after spotting them a North Las Vegas Police car drives past. The man and woman immediately start making out as if they were hiding something. I skate past them, finally arriving at Albertsons. I noticed how bad the qualities of the trucks were; they wobbled, as if they were not even bolted down. I proceeded to do more 360s and 180s and upon attempting an Ollie my second board snaps. I wake up feeling accomplished, with an urge to pick up an Earthwing “La Paloma Rapido” skateboard deck.
Analysis of Dream #3
I dreamt about stumbling upon a store that does not exist in waking life and buying something I desire only to break it immediately afterward, I then accomplish a feat that once seemed implausible. Finding a skate shop can express a desire for a neighborhood skate shop in real life. Buying something in a dream can express ones desires and how to acquire them (shopping, n.d). Breaking my newly acquired skate board can signify the short lived joy that comes from buying something desired. Skateboards may not break that easily in real life but it can still signify how nothing is forever and how you can’t always decide when something should come to an end. It expressed a feeling of not being in control. Smoking marijuana in the dream can express a feeling of “…experiencing an expanded sense of awareness and consciousness,” (Marijuana, n.d). The couple making out in a suspicious way can show my distrust for humanity or a distrust of the police. In a way this dream illustrates that buying happiness is only a quick fix that does not last long. Buying two boards that broke can show a feeling of insignificance. Buy buying two bad quality boards I assume I am a bad decision maker.

In conclusion, my dreams express a lack of control in my life, showing me that to gain control I must ignore the standards set by my peers. It expresses a feeling of being bullied by older generations and the struggles associated with breaking free of this feeling. The key topic of these dreams is that no one can take control of my life but me, and that I must ignore my insecurities and fight for what I believe in.
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