Saturday, March 10, 2012

Car Problems

In Las Vegas everything is so widespread that having acess to an automobile is a must. I was gifted a dodge intrepid from my cousin and at first I though I would he able to get the car moving. My mother took it into a shop that she was recommended. The shop was a joke. My cousin told him that there was something wrong with the tierods when they first dropped it off. FTW car was at the shop for over a week and the fucktards never even touched it. When they finally got back to us we found out they did not do Shit. They did not even touch the tie rods. All they did was replace the thermostat which probably did not even need to be replaced. Me and ky buddy ended up.finding out the problem but more arose.
I now drive my mothers van. It's pretty cool hut very expensive to drive. Right now there is a problem. The lil pressure gauge will shoot alp of the way down and then suddenly shoot back up to the middle. The van is now starting to make a clicking noise everytime the oil pressure shoots down. I'm at Goodyear right now and they said that they are too just to look at my car this weekend. I would have to take it there on Monday. Fuck this Shit sucks anus.
Any suggestions? I am taking it to sunvalley auto at the moment. Any help would he much appreciated.

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