Friday, February 11, 2011

Gender roles

Portrait of traditional female roles
-       Some stereotypes associated with the traditional female role include a woman’s
o   Warmth, expressiveness, and nurturance
o   Dependence
o   Tendency to be emotional and intuitive
o   Passivity and submissiveness
o   Tendency to be more interested in relationships than in professional accomplishments
***Female roles are changing.***

Developing sexual values
-       Sexual behavior should be consistent with one’s value system
-       Sexual abstinence is an option and means different things to different people, cultures, and religious groups
-       Sexually responsible decisions involve considering the possible consequences of sexual behavior, both for oneself and one’s partner
-       Learning to establish boundaries is of major importance in being true to one’s values

Misconceptions about sexuality
-       Woman are not as sexually desirable when they initiate sex
-       As people get older, they are bound to lose interest in sex
-       By their very nature, men are sexually aggressive
-       The more physically attractive a person is, the more sexually exciting he or she is
-       Being attracted to someone of the same gender Is abnormal

Some concerns about sexuality
-       concerns that many people have about sexuality include
o   Worrying about performance standards
o   Contracting sexually transmitted infections
o   Being preoccupied with one’s bodies
o   Feeling responsible for a partner’s dissatisfaction
o   Experiencing guilt sexual feelings or behavior
o   Worrying if one is normal
notes from professor


  1. I would agree with most things on that list, although I always prefer if the male takes on a dominant role.

  2. Some of the misconceptions are true, though

  3. disregard females acquire aesthetics. boom all those problems about sexuality are solved.

  4. I was once diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. This is good info. Following.

  5. not only the female roles are changing. look at the thousands of "emo" or other cruel humans.

  6. I agree with the misconception that women aren't as desirable when initiating sexual encounters. I really enjoy when the woman starts things off, regardless of the situation. Thats not to say I shy away from initiating on my own but still

  7. For women to be equal they have to stop wanting men to buy them drinks.

  8. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!!

  9. The thing is that people act the way they do (whether they are men or women) because the society they live in teaches them to behave that way and to desire certain things. So, you might argue that women like strong dominant men because they are always told that is what they should like. At the same time men are taught to act dominant and to "man up" because that is what is expected.

    Or maybe sexy is just sexy. I have no idea, but I guess I believe in the social construction of gender.

  10. My girlfriend took a Human Sexuality class and these are the exact things she tells me after each class. She shows me her notes and talks about the lectures and even shows me her book and shows me that these things are evident.

    I even took a Womens Studies class where the theme was gender and sexuality identity and we discussed gender roles and it's crazy how far back these roles were developed.

  11. I'm glad that women are finally starting to loosen up when it comes to sex. The double standards have been stupid. That's why I don't ask a woman about her sexual history. It's not a big deal. As long as everyone is free of disease, it works out fine.

  12. Interesting post. Gender rolls are indeed changing. It will be interesting to see life in another 100 years.

  13. for sure. gender roles have changed drastically since the stone age. sexuality in general is a strange topic

  14. This is interesting. I saw a TED talk about this. The reason for the change is that the work force is now moving from manufacture to service economy. service is something that women are good at not so much men.

  15. I wonder how it would look in something like 50 years...

  16. Good post. Keep posting your notes. I love reading them while I'm at school.

  17. nice post. i was learning gender stuff in my psych class yesterday.