Thursday, February 10, 2011


Death and loss
·      Fears of death and dying
o   Some of the aspects of death we may fear are –
§  Ceasing to be
§  Leaving behind those we love
§  Losing ourselves
§  Encountering the unknown
§  Coping with the indignity of a painful and long dying process
§  Growing distant in the memories of others

Death and the meaning of life
·      Life and death are the same facets of the same reality
·      Realization of death can revitalize our goals
·      Acceptance of death can lead to discovery of meaning and purpose of life
·      Because time on earth is limited, there is an urgency about living
·      Ancient Greek dictum --- “contemplate death if you would learn how to live.”


  1. the only thing i fear about death is coming back reincarnated

  2. Fear of death is merely the ego fearing to die. Good post.

  3. I often think about life and death. Birth is the creation of all we perceive, and death is the destruction of it all.

  4. One line I liked in fight club was

    'What did you wish you would have done before you died'.

    Yet i'm afraid to answer that question.

  5. The answer of life, the universe, and everything is 42

  6. @Forrest Stump - Agreed.

    Also, death drives people - because were aware that, contrary to the saying, we DON'T have all the time in the world it motivates us to do - if we lived much longer lifespans I'm sure progression would be much slower.